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2022 Phideaux Award Recipient

It is the club's special privilege and honor to recognize the 2022 Phideaux Award Recipients.

Phideaux Award Winner

Our 2022 Phideaux recipient has been involved with multiple club activities both on and off our property. This member has instructed classes, served as trial secretary, served on the Board, and worked on our property infrastructure. At off-site events this person has stepped up to organize parking, help with setup, and prepare the site for events, sometimes taking extraordinary measures to deal with unusual conditions.

We can always count on this member's hard work, good "scents" and concrete advice. Our recipient has spent many hours entering data and has sometimes found it necessary to spend time nursing uncooperative technology into doing its job. This person has had to help straighten out confused exhibitors, whether they are mixed up about what classes they are trying to enter or are trying to figure out where they are supposed to park. Our recipient has also applied their talents to producing some of our annual awards.

One thing that stands out for our recipient is their involvement in rescue, welcoming multiple rescue dogs into their household. Other examples of their affinity for rescue include a spectacular grab for a dog that flew off the end of a teeter, catching the dog in mid-air and saving him from a hard fall. And, our recipient has also "rescued" an AKC rep's cell phone from the murky waters of a porta-potty.

Yes, our 2022 Phideaux recipient is a team, and while it may seem that they are interchangeable when they run each other's dogs in agility, they have made many valuable contributions to our club both as a team and as individuals.

It is a pleasure to recognize our 2022 Phideaux recipients,

Jim and Laurie Clark

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