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Class Registration & Dates

2022 Class Sessions:

If you have previously taken classes at SDTC (after 2012), you can register as a returning student in week 8 or later of the preceding session.

Registration for SDTC classes is now online. When registration for the next session is open, you will find the link to the registration form here.
Separate classes for youth handlers will be available at a later date.
You must email a copy or photo of your dog's vaccination records to, unless that dog has recently taken a class at SDTC and the shots that were verified for that class are still valid. 

Vaccination Requirements

For all dogs registering for our classes, including the Star Puppy classes, owners must provide proof of current vaccination for distemper and parvovirus (typically listed as DHPP or DAPP on the veterinarian's statement), or provide proof of positive titers for antibodies to those diseases. Puppies must have had at least two shots in the "puppy series" in order to attend class, although due to the veterinarian-recommended interval between those vaccinations, it is possible that the shots may not have been administered by the time of registration. If the second shot has not been given by the start of classes, the owner will attend class without the puppy until the second vaccination has been administered.

If you give the distemper and parvo vaccinations yourself, please include in the photo the dog's name, the date the shot was given, and the sticker from the vaccine that shows the expiration date of the vaccine, so that we know it was fresh when administered.

For all dogs registering for classes other than the Puppy classes, owners must also provide proof of current vaccination for rabies at the time that registration occurs. The only exception would be for puppies eligible for the Star Puppy classes (i.e., under 6 months of age at the start of classes) that are registering for the Conformation class. The preferred form of proof for the rabies vaccination is the rabies certificate that your veterinarian gives you at the time of vaccination, although a receipt from your veterinarian showing the dog's name, the name of the clinic, the date the vaccination was given and the date it is next due is acceptable.

Class Fees

Each class session is 8 weeks long and costs $65.00 per dog.  If your dog came from an official city or county shelter within 6 months of registration, then your first class will cost $45.00 as long as you email us a photo of the dog's adoption papers along with your registration form.  We accept PayPal, checks or money orders.

Your spot in a class is not assured until we have received the registration form, current vaccination records, and payment.  If you do not have the capability to email the form and vaccination records, you may send them by postal mail to the above address, but processing may be delayed.  If you have questions about the registration process, please contact us.



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