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2017 Phideaux Award Recipient

It is the club's special privilege and honor to recognize the 2017 Phideaux Award Recipient.

Phideaux Award Winner

This year's Phideaux recipient has been involved with just about every aspect of Spokane Dog Training Club, serving as secretary and teaching classes in obedience and agility. This individual has also spent numerous hours stewarding and entering data for our Agility trials. This Phideaux recipient has seen through the years how much dog training has evolved and likes to think out of the box, using innovative training techniques in our classes. As a result of this insight, this member has incorporated new ideas from seminars and organized special training events for our members.

This member has also helped recruit many new members over the years. Some have come and gone, but many have stayed. This member has mentored many of those members through the years, and some of those members have become Phideaux recipients themselves.

As we all know from our own instructing and assisting classes, at times working with the public can be challenging. Our recipient has considerable experience in this area, working with children teaching them to read. This very same person also saw these children safely crossing the street coming back and forth to school, always with a smile for these kids. This person has been called a "People Groomer" for multiple reasons.

Since no good deed goes unpunished, this member has been appointed as the 2018 Director of Training.

The Spokane Dog Training Club membership would like to congratulate the recipient of the 2017 Phideaux award:

Gail Dickson

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