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2015 Phideaux Award Recipient

It is the club's special privilege and honor to recognize the 2015 Phideaux Award Recipient.

Phideaux Award Winner

Words like dependable, resourceful and enthusiastic describe this year's Phideaux recipient. It takes a dedicated member to volunteer for a broad spectrum of club positions and responsibilities, from strong leadership as a board member to serving as chief Agility Ring Steward which relies on quick thinking on your feet. This member is honest and forthright, not hesitating to express their thoughts and feelings when it comes to the best interests of the club.

This member's computer knowledge has helped our club with K9 Tails and registration input, and with selecting computers for the club. This person has also instructed in Beginning Home Companion and Rally, along with assisting in many public and member classes, and has helped to revise and update the Beginning and Advanced Home Companion class documents to insure that our students are educated and well informed.

This member has served as our bank president overseeing our K9 Currency, keeping accurate records and assuring that we receive our earned amount each year, although a loan from this individual might be a tough transaction. This person is also our trophy chair for our obedience and rally trials. Tenacity is the key to the success of this position. As many of us know from our club meetings, every attempt is made to get a sponsor for each and every trophy. If all that is not enough, this member also keeps us entertained with programs that are interesting and educational, and enjoys helping with parades and demonstrations. We may think of this person as articulate, but as everyone knows we all have our eccentricities which only make us human. This member writes their name backwards and only hears what they want to hear. As we all know, this person can only hear out of one ear and makes no reservations about it. As this individual is known to be gullible, it was suggested that the following be a subtle reminder, "By the way, the rabbit does die!".

Those who have figured out this year's Phideaux award winner know that this member has had an impact in just about every phase of our club.

Congratulations to the 2015 Phideaux Award recipient:

Rosie Banta

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