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2014 Phideaux Award Recipient

It is the club's special privilege and honor to recognize the 2014 Phideaux Award Recipient.

Phideaux Award WinnerEven though this person has only been a member for a few years, every club should have a member like this year's Phideaux award recipient. This recipient is the go-to member, always available and willing to help whenever asked without a complaint. This member participates in just about every aspect of our club's activities. Even while competing, this member has been there when a situation calls for their handiness and quick action.

You will see this recipient many times outside the club, involved with the tracking group. This person will be laying tracks, driving the judges to the start and learning every aspect of the sport. As many of us know, when you begin in one activity such as tracking you cross over to herding. Well, not surprisingly, this member also helps with herding by moving and hauling equipment, again helping wherever needed, proving that you don't need a herding dog to help in herding.

When not helping with Herding or Tracking, this member is occupied with Agility, helping build courses, moving equipment, and even returning back to the club for misplaced or forgotten critical items that are important to the functioning of the trial, even though it was a cross town journey and time consuming. This person has also served as an Obedience Trial Chair, Chief Rally Ring Steward, and has helped with trial set up and tear down at multiple trials.

When not here, there and everywhere, you will see this individual on a daily basis at the club. This member helps with registration; volunteers to assist the Canine Good Citizen tests, stewards for fun matches and for Spokane Kennel Club Trials, and helps set up and volunteers for public education at Responsible Dog Ownership Day at Valleyfest. This person has taught classes and assisted in every class from Puppy to Advanced Novice, even going beyond duty by helping an elderly student continue in a class when walking was not an option.

It's been often said that this member never leaves the club; it is believed that they have a cot stashed somewhere on the club's property along with dog crates and their essentials. Considering that this individual is our grounds maintenance person, perhaps they took that obligation so that they could dig a bunker somewhere on the property just for those accommodations. Be cautious of where you go because you just may find yourself in the company of this year's Phideaux recipient.

It is an honor to be chosen for this prominent award, and it is clear that because of the dedication and enthusiasm of this individual the award is well deserved.

Congratulations to the 2014 Phideaux Award recipient

Jim Lawrence

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