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2012 Phideaux Award Recipient

It is the club's special privilege and honor to recognize the 2012 Phideaux Award Recipient.

Phideaux Award WinnerThis year's Phideaux Award recipient has been a valued participant in broad range of club activities for over a decade.

This person can be found helping at nearly every type of event we sponsor, balancing a variety of tasks, keeping track of multiple projects, proving to be of great utility to the club, and sometimes helping us make important contacts.

Over the years this person has taught and assisted in many obedience and rally classes, can be counted on to help out with demos at public events, and can be found stewarding or judging at nearly every fun match. On the other hand, this person has also done an excellent job of NOT being found when acting as a cross track layer at our tracking tests, and has persuaded Spokane International Airport not to arrest those suspicious looking dog-people who are wandering around setting out flags and dropping unidentified articles on their property.

At agility trials our recipient regularly volunteers to help set up courses and arrange obstacles. At herding events, our recipient is also always willing to lend a hand moving obstacles, and on occasion has even been known to lend and entire leg or arm to act as an obstacle.

Upon retirement from a routine government job, our recipient was recruited to take on the more challenging job of commandeering a group of opinionated dog trainers. After surviving three years as club vice-president, this person re-enlisted as club president for another three years.

Truly, he has served above and beyond the call of doggy duty, and we are pleased to sincerely thank and congratulate our

2012 Phideaux Award recipient

Craig Jensen

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