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2011 Phideaux Award Recipient

It is the club's special privilege and honor to recognize the 2011 Phideaux Award Recipients.

Phideaux Award WinnerThis year's Phideaux Award recipient is a long time member who has been contributing to Spokane Dog Training Club since before our current building even existed.

If you have used any of our outdoor facilities, enjoyed social events like Christmas parties and Veterans' Night, participated in obedience or agility trials, attended training classes, or enrolled in seminars presented by nationally recognized trainers, you have benefited from the efforts of this year's Phideaux recipient.

This member has taken on the tasks of acting as parking director at events, and participating in demonstrations at registration and helping organize public demonstrations at Valley Fest. As Director of Training, this person was instrumental in making substantial revisions to some of our class content, and as an instructor this person has mentored many of our members to high levels of achievement in obedience competition. Students appreciate the high standards that this person sets, and the positive attitude that is used to encourage each student to achieve his or her goals.

This person is described as having many tools in the bag to help students solve training problems, although legend has it that at least one canine student refused to come within 20 feet of one "tool" consisting of our recipient's odiferous sock wrapped around a scent article.

Despite setbacks both small and large, this year's recipient has demonstrated that even when your dog seems to be an incorrigible Rascal, even when your obedience partner makes you crave a nip of Brandy, even when the road ahead seems long and Dusty, there is still time to support friends, help them achieve their goals, and deck the halls for a party.

Congratulations to the 2011 Phideaux Award recipients

Mark and Mary Jane McCall

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