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2016 Phideaux Award Recipient

It is the club's special privilege and honor to recognize the 2016 Phideaux Award Recipient.

Phideaux Award Winner

This member began like many of us do, starting with basic training, then found themselves training and competing in Flyball, Agility and Obedience, along with their spouse who also got "bitten" by the training bug.

This member can appear quiet and sometimes reserved at first, until people get to know this individual better; one past Phideaux recipient commented that our current recipient "is just fun to be with". This person has been an assistant instructor in both obedience and agility, helped with registration, built courses for agility, and volunteered at herding trials, including helping with stock handling and course set up and tear down.

This member dragged the herding gaggle, oh I mean herding group, baaing and quacking all the way, into the 21st century, by helping acquire and implement digital technology for preparing judges's score sheets, entry confirmations, catalogs and all the other paperwork associated with holding events. When I read that description, I visualized many of our herding members being led through a gate, with our Phideaux recipient barking out calls and their Border Collie doing it's job, herding and nipping at the heels of all those members and with a few trying to get away, they were corralled. What a vision!

Eventually, word got out that this member had technological expertise. This person, with their knowledge and skills, created a database for the complete registration process that has been in use over the past several years. To ensure that the database is efficient and meets the needs of the registration committee, this member continues to assist with data entry during public registration.

We are pleased to announce that this year's Phideaux Award recipient is:

Debbie Powell

Past Phideaux Recipients