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Flyball is a dog sport that has it all:  speed, competition, and it's entertaining to watch!

Any dog, purebred as well as mixed breed, can be flyball athletes. They only need to be quick, agile, and willing to retrieve.  Many of our teams have dogs that are just plain ball crazy.

Whether you see a match or one of our demonstrations, you are sure to be entertained.

Flyball is a relay between two teams of four dogs and their handlers.  The course contains four jumps and a flyball box at the far end.

The teams run side by side at the same time. Each team has their own set of jumps, a box, and a box loader. Released at the starting line, the first dog must run down the course, jumping all four jumps.  At the flyball box, the dog depresses a pedal on the front, releasing a throwing arm that sends a tennis ball into the air.

The dog catches the ball, runs back over the course, and across the finish line.  As it crosses the line the next dog is released.

All four dogs must complete the course correctly. The dogs run several heats and the winning team is determined.